Nepali actresses congratulate Nepali cricket team

When the Nepali cricket team won a game against Hong Kong by 5 wickets and was selected to play in the T20 World Cup, a lot of Nepali have rejoiced. Cricket fan Nepali actresses have expressed their joy and congratulated the players. Although there is a huge challenge for the Nepali cricket team in the World Cup, this types of successes are rare and are to be rejoiced.

We have compiled a list of messages that Nepali actresses have posed in their Facebook and Twitter pages. (Refer this page for real FB profiles of Nepali actresses)

Actress Karishma Manandhar says, "Nepali cricket rocks."

karishma manandhar cricket

Actress Keki Adhikari expressed that she is very happy and is proud of Team Nepal.

keki adhikari cricket

Nisha Adhikari says that she is happy beyond limits.

nisha adhikari cricket

Actress Benisha Hamal congratulate the Nepali cricket team for the win.

benisha hamal also congratulates the Nepali cricket team and wish they win the world cup!

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