Poojana Pradhan’s hot moves in Hong Kong

Actress Poojana Pradhan started her career with modeling photos in bikini and after that, she has never failed to show her skin now and then. Although Poojana has changed herself to a sober religious Jayasangat resident and social work, her reel life hasn’t changed much. Poojana’s bed scenes in ‘Rakshya’ created a lot of controversy.

Poojana is currently in Hong Kong to participate in a cultural program there. Here are some of the photos of her dance.

poojana dancing in hong kong (1)

Poojana says that in entertainment industry one needs to entertain the audience. It seems, she believes that showing off body is a part of entertainment.

poojana dancing in hong kong (2)

This move seems a bit odd.

Poojana pradhan strange dance move

The Geet Gunjan Sanjh -3 was organized by Top Mountain Tae Kwon Do Association of Hong Kong.

The dance starts at 11:30 in the following video:


Phot credit – JPTHK.com

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