Nepali actresses respond to Nepal Bandha

For quite some time the lives have been crippled because of Nepal Bandha / Kathmandu bandha and similar closures imposed upon people by groups with political affiliations.  Here are the collection of anti-bandha sentiments expressed by Nepali actresses.

actress agaainst nepal bandha

Nepali actress Nisha Adhikari wrote in her Facebook profile:

Just woke up to a Nepal bandh…(was shooting till 4 a.m)…

nisha adhikari responds to nepal bandh

Another actress Nita Dhungana also expressed her frustration on the closure. She was planning to do a lot of work but couldn’t do it because of the Nepal Bandh.

neeta dhungana bandh response

Nepali actress Rejina Upreti also shared an anti-bandha writing of Yuvaraj Lama.

rejina upreti respond to banda

These profile updates are collected from the list of Facebook profiles of Nepali actresses we had collected in the past.

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