Nisha Adhikari admitted her affair with cricketer Sharad Vesawkar

Actress Nisha Adhikari has finally admitted her affair with the cricket player Sharad Vesawkar. Although they had been seen together in public more than a few times and Nisha had shown her affection toward Sharad and cricket, this is the first time she has admitted the affair publicly.

In a Facebook post, Nisha wrote: "Omnipresent love and here is my share."

nisha adhikari and sharad

We talked about the affair between actress Nisha Adhikari and cricketer Sharad Vesawkar about 5 months ago. It was more pronounced when Nisha hosted the New Year celebration program with Bollywood actress Sunny Leone as the chief guest. We even talked about a love-bite in Nisha’s neck.

We wish the love between Nisha and Sharad last forever and wish to seem them to get married soon. Nisha is known to be a sporty actress who had set a record of being a first Nepali actress to climb Mt. Everest. Sharad also has his own place in the National cricket team. All the best to the love birds.

nisha adhikari avash

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