Priyanka Karki talks on social media

In an interview with NagarikNews, actress Priyanka Karki has talked in details about social media. Priyanka Karki explains why she uses English in social media.

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Priyanka says, “Instagram is less judgmental and more personal.” Twitter is more judgmental and Facebook is huge in terms of followers. She agrees privacy is killed by social media.

Summary of the interview:


  • Social media has become the life style of Priyanka
  • She is active in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Priyanka is one of the Nepali celebrities who uses the social media most.
  • Most fans are in Facebook – almost 200,000 likes on her Verified account.
  • Facebook has everything – good stuffs and junk.


  • Priyanka has 17,000 Twitter followers
  • She has tweeted almost 4 K tweets.
  • She talks less in Twitter and listens more
  • Twitter is too much judgemental and people don’t listen to her much


  • Instagram is her favourite. She shares everything in Instagram.
  • There are 13,000 posts in Instagram
  • 36,300 people have followed Priyanka in Instagram
  • 68 percent of Instagram users are female.

The interview is interesting, watch the following video.

Watch the interview:

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