Priyanka Karki taught Sahana Bajracharya and the viewers to dance in Amarpanchhi (video and photos)

The emcee of the show, Sahana Bajracharya asked Priyanka Karki to each her dancing. Priyanka taught some dance moves. Watch the following video to see how she taught dancing:

Priyanka’s performance was one of the best among the Nepali actresses. She entered the stage from among the viewers, riding on a ‘Doli’ – a traditional carrier in which brides are carried from her parental home to her husband’s house.

Priyanka started dancing in ‘Woda Number Chha’ dance number, ‘Surke Thaili’. She also danced on ‘Shiraima Silbandi …’, and ‘Blast Hune Wala Chha Mero Jawani …’

Priyanka’s attire in Surke Thaili dance was a traditional Nepali attire while in other dances, she was wore sexy and attractive dress that looked more like a two-piece.

priyanka karki dancing in amarpanchi

priyanka karki hot avatar

priyanka karki hot dance

Priyanka Karki dance video Amar panchi

Priyanka Karki with Sahana Bajracharya Amar panchhi

priyanka karki dancing surke thaili

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