Priyanka Karki's second movie

Priyanka Karki is considered one of the most potential new actress in Nepali movie industry. But, after the release of her second movie, some are downgrading the ‘potential’ word.


Priyanka at the premiere of ‘Kollywood’. Dress by Bishwo Gautam, Make-up by Sophie and styled by Sayal Shrestha

Although there are at least four more movies in the pipeline, both of her initial movies couldn’t woo the audience.

After it’s release on December 07, 2012 ‘3 Lovers’ became her debut movie (although she had started the shooting of another movie prior to ‘3 Lovers’). But, it was a sad story that the movie didn’t do well in theaters.

Priyanka’s second release, ‘Kollywood’ seems to go the same route in terms of business. Although the movie released on January 18 didn’t get favorable reviews, they have appreciated the acting talent in Priyanka.

With more movies to release soon, there is still high hope on a bright future of Priyanka Karki in Nepali movie industry. We wish her all the best in her upcoming movie. Upcoming movies of Priyanka include ‘Dhuwaan’, Vigilante, ‘Mero Best Friend’ , and ‘Bhulne Po Ho Ki’.

kollywood poster

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