Rekha Thapa and film awards, what happened in 2014?

Actress Rekha Thapa has expressed her dissatisfaction over numerous award ceremonies being held in Nepal. In an interview she told, "New actresses are being pressed hard by awards. That is why they can’t be successful." Rekha says the award given by the viewers is the greatest award.

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In the recent times, Rekha has been boycotting award ceremonies. In the start of the year, she had boycotted the National Film Award. She even accused the National Film Award organizers of asking money for the award. She reportedly told that she has boycotted the awards this year.

Our review of the awards held in 2014, Rekha has won a very few awards. She was nominated in some of the awards like NEFTA award but didn’t win any. She had won National Film Award (although she didn’t go to receive it) and won two awards in Box Office Award.

In the previous years, she used to win most of the awards and she was known to do bargain with the award organizers.

Review of this year:

There might be a few possibilities Rekha didn’t win many awards, namely:

  • Rekha didn’t approached the organizers. After divorcing Chhabi, Rekha doesn’t have that leverage to access the organizers and do bargaining, if any. Although Rekha didn’t attend these ceremonies, Chhabi Raj Ojha is one of the regulars in them.
  • Rekha might have boycotted some awards. In some awards there were no nominations of her films, indicating she didn’t want her films to be included in the awards.
  • Rekha didn’t pay organizers for awards – like she said in one of the interviews, she didn’t pay the organizers for awards. That also mean, most of her previous awards were purchased – may be, purchased by Chhabi on her behalf.

Please write your best guess in the comment.

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