RIP Kisha Thokar, a Tamang film actress dies young in Dubai

The last rituals of the Tamang film actress, Kisha Thokar, who was killed in an accident in Dubai has been performed in Shwoyambhu. She was cremated as per the Buddhist tradition. Kisha was killed in a car accident on October 30, 2014 and was pronounced dead at the scene. Her dead body had arrived in Kathmandu on November 5.

Kisha’s photo in Dubai

kisha lama thokar  (22)

The actress in a number of Tamang language movies, Kisha was born in Kabhrepalanchowk. She was also featured in leading role in a Nepali language movie ‘You and Me’. It had only been about five months since she had gone to Dubai for foreign employment.

Before performing the last rituals, Kisha’s body was kept in Pragya Pratisthan for a while. wish Kisha Thokar rest in peace.

Here are some phtos of the actress

Last goodbye:

kisha-thokarlast good bye

A modeling photo of Kisha:

kisha lama thokar  (17)

A poster of Nepali movie:

just you and me poster 2

A poster of a Tamang movie:

tamang film poster

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