Sharika Ghimire couldn't fit in 'Rakshya' poster

The reason – Sharika is not featured in bed scenes!

Actress Sharika Ghimire is in the main role in her upcoming movie ‘Rakshya’. But, she is sad that the publicity materials like posters and media coverage only feature actresses like Poojana Pradhan and Khushi Thapa.

Sharika is so unhappy that she has even threatened of not participating in the dubbing of the movie. The reason she is not given proper importance in the publicity materials is that she wasn’t featured in hot scenes like bed scenes and kiss scenes like Poojana and Khushi.

rakshya poster_only hot scenes of poojana pradhan

According to the director Raju Giri, both Poojana and Khushi have bed scenes and hot scenes in the movie, so they are more talked about actresses in the movie. But, Sharika doesn’t have such scenes so she isn’t getting required publicity. Poojana and Sharika are told to be featured in leading roles in the movie.

It is interesting that if Sharika had been featured in bed scenes and other hot scenes she would also have received attention.

Poojana Pradhan had objected when the poster of ‘Rakshya’ was designed with the head of Poojana on somebody else’s naked body. The director Raju Giri is known for problems with various actresses in his movie. In ‘Chandrawati’ he had problem with it’s actress Sashi Khadka. In ‘Bindaas’ Sushma Karki wasn’t happy with the director and in ‘Rakshya’ he had problem with Poojana Pradhan over the poster and now Sharika Ghimire is not happy with the director.

rakhsya poster-controversy

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