Hot bed scenes of Poojana Pradhan in Rakshya

The director known for using sex as the theme of movies, Raju Giri had made hot movies like ‘Bindaas’ and ‘Chandrawati’. In his friends circle, Raju Giri is often called ‘bed scene director’.

Poojana ki Rakshya 02

In his upcoming movie ‘Rakshya’ Raju has made Poojana Stri to feature in hot bed scene. Poojana had signed in the movie for about Rs 175,000.

Some shooting photos show Poojana in bed with another actor. Poojana wasn’t happy with the director when he tried to trick by placing Poojana’s head on somebody else’s torso in the poster of the movie. Another actress in ‘Rakshya’, Sharika Ghimire wasn’t happy with the director for ignoring her in the promotional materials. Although Sharika is one of the main actress in the movie, she was ignored in promotion because her role didn’t have hot scenes. There are similar photos of bed scenes of another actress in the movie, Khushi Thapa.

poojana bed Rakshya 01

Poojana Rakshya 03

Poojana Rakshya 04

Poojana stri Rakshya 01

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  1. Women like Poojana Pradhan or Poojana Stree never feel awkward when it comes to giving bed scenes in any movie because she’s the actress of modern era who feels this act to be done easily and without any worry.

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