Smile has returned back to Sweta Khadka’s face, returns from USA

After being widowed within a month of marriage, Sweta had been mourning for months. Because of the tension and shock, Sweta also had health problems. Currently in the USA, Sweta is undergoing physical and psychological treatment in addition to screening Shree Krishna Shrestha’s last movie ‘Kohinoor’.

sweta khadka in usa 22

In USA, Sweta was shocked by the news of the earthquake in Nepal and death of thousands of people in a day. She could feel the pain felt by the relatives of the deceased people. Now, Sweta had realized that  the life goes on like that and have decided to live to help others.

In her Facebook post, Sweta has written ‘I never imagined I would see the colorful American life.” She thanked everybody who helped in the screening of her movie in various cites in the USA. She also thanked everybody who helped her personally.

In the July 4 message in Facebook, Sweta had told that she is returning back to Nepal. On July 6, Sweta shared a photo of her with Shree Krishna’s mother.

sweta khadka with shree krishna monther

sweta khadka message

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