Summer sum-up – Nepali Actress Rekha Thapa has AC allergy

Summer is usually associated with free and fun time. Unless you live in an extremely hot places, shedding the extra cloth something actresses always look forward to. Short dresses and minimum clothes are the attractions of the summer.

One of our top actresses, Rekha Thapa, however thinks summer is not that fun. The reason – she has Air condition (AC )allergy. 

rekha with tharu people

Rekha says that she can’t even stand the AC in her car so, she has to switch it off while driving. One can imagine a car in summer heat with AC switched off. We hope she doesn’t have the blowing air allergy!

To beat the heat Rekha drinks a lot of juice and water in summer.

Talking about the clothes, Rekha says that she prefers short clothes in any weather. The only difference is that she needs stockings in winter and not in summer.

short sorts rekha thapa interview

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