Three new things on Sushma Karki birthday

Last updated on August 11th, 2023 at 04:21 pm

The big news during the birthday celebration of actress Sushma Karki was the ownership of her new business – restaurant. Like actress Namrata Shrestha and other celebrities, Sushma has also started a restaurant.

sushma karki resturant business

That is not all the news – Sushma has also trimmed her belly. She told, “I don’t have any moves, so I have time to do some workouts to maintain my body.” Does that mean, she will start gaining weight once she gets movies?

sushma karki piercing on belly button

And the third show off was the piercing on her belly button (and the bright red lehanga). With the trimmed body and matching dress, Sushma looked awesome during the event. While showing the piercing, the bright sun tattoo on her breast was hidden. It seems, the dress was specially designed to show-off her belly and the piercing on it.

To summarize :

  • Start of restaurant business
  • Weight loss and slimming
  • Piercing on the belly

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