Biography of Sushma Karki, Nepali model and actress

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Actress Sushma Karki started her entertainment career as a video jockey (VJ) in a Nepali TV channel. She also started modeling and acting in movies. She debuted as an actress in the movie ‘Meo Euta Saathi Cha’.

sushma karki - udreko choli dance

The item dance titled Udhreko Choli… in the hit movie ‘Loot‘ established her as the ‘udreko choli’ girl. After that she had danced in various stages in different courtiers in the song.

Sushma Karki profile

  • Full Name – Sushma Karki
  • Birth Place – Bardiya
  • Star Sign – Capricorn
  • Height – 5 Ft. 5 inches
  • Weight – 55 kg
  • Body structure – 37 – 27 -37 (in.)

Love life of Sushma Karki

Sushma had a long affair with director Sudarshan Thapa. After she broke up with Thapa, she found Naren Shrestha, the lead vocalist of Anuprastha band. The affair with Naren didn’t go well for long. Although Sushma jumped into living together with Naren, they broke up within one year of relationship. That wasn’t the end however. They came together again and invested together in a restaurant in Tahmel. Sushma had celebrated her birthday in the restaurant. The joint venture broke within a few months and they sold the restaurant.

There were reports of of Naren beating Sushma in public – more than once. He had also caused problem when he interfered what types shots she was to offer in movies and other recordings. After breaking up, Sushma admitted that Naren had “ruined her career“.  Right after the break up Sushma did hot photoshots and acted in a hot Teej song video. She has been busy in stage shows and other modeling assignments after the break up.

Sushma reportedly acted strange when she met her ex-boyfriend Sudarshan Thapa in a program. She is also going to do a bikini photoshot in Macau soon.

Tattoo controversy

Sushma had made a huge and bright tattoo on the top of her left breast. She has been wearing low-cut dresses to show off the art piece. In one instance, the Censor Board had questioned the tattoo to resemble the sun of Nepal’s National Flag and had asked to hide it in the movie.


According to an unconfirmed 2013 report, Sushma Karki reportedly charges Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 100,000 per movie.


  • Meo Euta Saathi Cha
  • K Yo Maya Ho
  • Batch No. 16
  • Mero Jiwan Sathi
  • Loot
  • Bouncer
  • Nepathya
  • Bindaas
  • Bindaas 2
  • Bouncer
  • Sanjog
  • Paap
  • Sakash
  • Chalechha Batas Sustari

(Note: This list is only for information purpose and may not be complete.)

Actress and model Sushma Karki’s career has gone through its peak and troughs.

  • Before being popular for the item dance ‘Udhreko Choli …’ of ‘Loot’, Sushma Karki had already acted in a number of films. But the item dance established her as an item girl.
  • To cash the popularity, ‘Bindaas’ was made. The film made on sex theme was grilled by the Censor Board and was finally released with an A certificate.
  • As if ‘Bindaas’ wasn’t enough, the sequel ‘Bindaas 2’ further ruined her name in film industry.
  • Sushma was left without any new films for a year and half. She also lost a film she had already signed.
  • None of the films after ‘Bindaas’ helped Sushma in anyway.

Career Path

  • She was interested in singing. She also took vocal training.
  • Ramp modeling
  • Television VJ
  • Debut in ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’. Se easily got the entry as her maternal uncle was the producer of the film. The role however was short.
  • Gurudakshina, Timi Mero Ma Timro, Bhishmaraj, Batch No. , Ke Yo Maya Ho
  • Item dance in ‘Loot’ became very successful.
  • Film ‘Bindaas’ was made to cash on her popularity.
  • ‘Bouncer’, ‘Sanjog’, ‘Paap’ and ‘Sakash’ followed after ‘Bindaas’ film. Some are yet to release.

Sushma Karki Videos

Hot photos of Sushma Karki

sushma karki in water partk enjoying (1)

sushma karki in water partk enjoying (2)

sushma karki in water partk enjoying (4)

sushma karki

sushma karki boat pose sexy

Sushma Karki car pose 1

sushma karki huge smile

sushma karki in an event

sushma karki in bed with rajesh hamal

sushma karki saree and tattoo

sushma karki simple pose



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