Top 10 Dashain 2016 Photos of Nepali actress

I have collected some of the best Nepali actress photos of the biggest Nepali festival, Dashain 2016. Top 10 Dashain photos:

  1. Sexy Dashain Photo (Ashika Tamang)
  2. Cute Dashain Photo (Sanchita Luitel)
  3. Chhaka Panja Dashain (Deepa Shree Niraula / Deepak Raj Giri)
  4. Simoultionus Tika (Pooja Chand and Saranga Shrestha)
  5. Sweta Khadka Tika
  6. Family Photo (Jiya KC and Bhuwan KC)
  7. Kukur Tika (Priyanka Karki)
  8. Older – younger (Rekha Thapa)
  9. Dashain purchase
  10. Dashain First time

In the following video there are 40 Nepali actress photos and videos of Dashain 2016. From more than 50 photos I have selected 10 photos of the Nepali actress Dashain. First watch the video featuring the Dashain celebration of Nepali actress:

Sexy Dashain Photo

The producer and actress of ‘Sushree’, Ashika Tamang shared a photo that shows every curves of her body. It is more of a body show than the Dashain Tika photo:


Cute Dashain Photo

Sanchita Luitel with her two kids. The father of the kids, Nikhil Upreti is not seen in the photo.


Chhaka Panja Dashain – Deepa Shree Niraula / Deepak Raj Giri

After the unexpected success of ‘Chhaka Panja’ the director and the scriptwriter of the movie, Deepak and Deep had offered tika to each other. Deepa had debuted as a director in the movie.


Simoultionus Tika – Pooja Chand and Saranga Shrestha

Two actresses Pooja and Saranga offered tika to each other at the same time. Although Deepak and Deepa in the previous photos had also done the same, Pooja and Saranga had shared the photo earlier. Dashain Tika is offered to the younger person from an older person. When two are of similar age and are friends, this is how tika is offered in Dashain:


Sweta Khadka Tika

Smile has returned to Sweta Khadka after 2 years of the death of her husband of a month, Shree Krishna Shrestha.


Family Photo

Jiya KC’s family photos with Bhuwan KC also made news this Dashain:


Priyanka Karki Kukur Tika

Yes, it is Kukur Tika not Kukur Tihar. In Kukur Tihar in Tihar, dogs are worshiped. But, actress Priyanka Karki considers her dog a ‘daughter’ and offers Dashain Tika in Dashain, a month prior to the Kukur Tihar:


Rekha Thapa – younger photo

Although elders offer Tika to younger person, Rekha Thapa also received tika from one of her relatives, a child. It looks cute:


Dashain Purchase

Malvika Subba purchased a car and actress Ashishma Nakarmi purchased a scooter in Dashain.


First time Dashain

Four Nepali actresses gave birth to children last year. These are the ne

  • Jharana Bajracharya’s son
  • Malvika Subba’s son
  • Sumina Ghimire’s daughter
  • Richa Ghimire’s daughter

Jharana Bajrachary with her son after Dashain Tika:


Malvika Subba with her son and husband:


Photo – Richa Ghimire’s daughter after Dashain Tika:


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