Top 5 Bhai Tika moments of Nepali actress

We have compiled the top five moments of this year’s Bhai Tika. With this post you can also refer to the Bhai Tika of Nepali actresses – another post and Deepawali of Nepali actresses.

top 5 bhaitika moments

The five incidents that made to the top 5 Bhai Tika moments list are :

  1. Komal Oli’s Bhai Tika – In 2015 Bhai Tika, actress and singer Komal Oli presented her brothers with 2-liters of petrol each. The present is very special at the time of economic blockade of India and shortage of fuel. That sure was a thoughtful sister.
  2. Palpasa Dangol’s Bhai Tika (Comedy actress known as Chamsuri) – Palpasa Dangol had to be taken to hospital emergency when she got sick. She invited her brothers in the hospital for Bhai Tika.
  3. Rista Basnet’s Bhai TikaRista Basnet was also sick and had to be rushed to hospital. But, she got better and enjoyed the festival.
  4. Wilson Bikram Rai (Takme Budha) Bhaitika – Wilson made actress Ashma DC one of his sisters this year. Another new sister was his friend Samyam Puri’s sister Samyukta Puri.
  5. Jal Shah and Dilip Rayamajhi Bhai Tika in the USA was also one of the top 5 Bhai Tika moment. Jal Shah and Dilip Rayamajhi had met after 13 years for Bhai Tika. Jal also found another brother – actor Bikrant Basnet.

Watch the video for details:

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