What does Miss Nepal Malvika Subba son name Zayir Leo means?

Miss Nepal 2002, Malvika Subba gave birth to her first child on April 14, 2016. The actress and film producer Subba has given a very unique name to her son – Zayir Leo Subba Shrestha. The last two words in the name is obvious – the last names of his mother and his father. But the first two word have deeper meaning each representing one of the the parents.

What does Zayir Leo Subba Shrestha mean?

  • Zayir – is the reverse of his father’s name Riyaz. The name Zayir is apparently an Islamic name, meaning ‘roaring lion’.
  • Leo – The name ‘Leo’ comes from his mother’s side. Malvika Subba used to be a boxing player who was nick-named “Little Leo”in the ring. Malvika has given the name to her son.
  • Subba – The last name of the mother Malvika Subba
  • Shrestha – The last name of the father Riyaz Shrestha

Watch a video report on the birth of Malvika’s son:

Nepali actress team congratulate the new parents Malvika and Riyaz:

malvika subba child birth

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