Kabita Manandhar, Karishma Manandhar daughter to debut in film, mom to direct

In a latest report, actress Karishma Manandhar is considering seriously to introduce her daughter, Kabita Manandhar, to act in movie. It is interesting fact that Karishma Manandhar is preparing to direct the movie.

The story is similar to that of actor father, Bhuwan KC, who debuted as a director in his home production movie ‘Dreams’ featuring his own son Anmol KC, in leading role. The movie ‘Dreams’ became successful and hence Bhuwan’s directorial has also been approved by the viewers. Actress Karishma Manandhar seems to be doing the same. But, will Karishma be able to recreate the magic?

Watch the video report:

Karishma Manandhar is not Bhuwan KC

Although Karishma Manandhar had been as successful as Bhuwan KC in acting, she lags behind when film production is concerned. Almost all of the Bhuwan KC’s home production movies had been hit. But, none of Karishma’s home production movies have been successful.

Karishma left the film industry when her movie ‘Babu Saheb’ made a huge loss. After almost 12 years, Karishma’s return as a producer – ‘Fagu’ was also a failure.

Let’s hope Karishma’s next production will be different and she will establish herself as a credible director.

karishma with her daughter cheers

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