Actors and leader attend Rejina Upreti marriage reception party, held days before the actual marriage

Actress Rejina Upreti organized a reception party of her marriage to UK resident Suraj Pokharel in an event held in Kathmandu on February 22, 2014. We thought it was an actual marriage and reported such, but it turned out to be just a party and the marriage is planned to be held on February 28.

In the reception party, leaders and film personalities had participated. Some of the noted personalities include leaders Surendra Pandey, Rajendra Pandey and others.

rejina upreti marriage 2

Rejina had invited the actors and actresses close to her in the party. Some of the noted actors include Karishma Manandhar, Rekha Thapa, Sanchita Luitel, Anu Shah, Ashok Sharma, Ujjawal Ghimire, Aakash Adhikari, Shovit Basnet, Basundhara Bhusal, Anand Karki, Mukesh Dhakal, Gajit Bista, Sushil Chhetri, NB Maharja, Rajendra Khadgi, Poojana Pradhan, Nirmal Sharma, Baburam Dahal and others.

rekha thapa with rejina upreti and suraj

rejina upreti marriage 5

Rejina’s ex-lover, Shovit Basnet also attended the party with a gift.

After the marriage, Rejina is planning to start a new career running a beauty parlor in the UK.

rejina marriage party

rejina marriage party 2

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