Archana Paneru in Pabitra Acharya out of Chhesko, new controversy

In a new controversy, actress Pabitra Acharya of the upcoming movie ‘Chhesko’ has expressed her dissatisfaction on the inclusion of Archana Paneru in the movie. The movie ‘Chhesko’ was produced last year and was supposed to release then. But, because of earthquake the release was delayed.

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The ‘Chhesko’ team had added some scenes of Archana Paneru in the movie and has termed it the ‘debut movie’ of Archana Paneru. The promotional materials including trailer and the poster also feature Archana in hot and provocative appearance. The extra attention on the controversial actress who was not event in the movie initially has angered the original casts of the movie – specially actress Pabitra Acharya.

Pabitra has told that she doesn’t want to be featured alongside  Archana Paneru. She has asked the film makers to remove her role from the movie. Apparently, removal of Pabitra’s role from the movie might cripple the movie, ‘Chhesko’. In  the movie, Pabitra is featured as a worker in a rehabilitation center. The lead actor is featured as a drug addict.

Archana has been controversial from the beginning. She had told  that ‘Jism’ is no longer her movie after problem with the director, Raju Giri.

pabitra acharya and archana paneru in chhesko

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