Benisha Hamal, Biography of Kalo Pothi actress

Nepali actress Benisha Hamal started as a model in the Nepali entertainment industry in 2009. She also worked as a RJ (Radio Jockey) in Kalika Fm, and VJ (video jockey) in a number of television channels like Channel Nepal, NTV and NTV Plus. In the Nepali movie industry, Benisha debuted as an actress of Nepali movie ‘Swor’.

One of the most successful movies of Benisha Hamal was released in 2016. The movie ‘Kalo Pothi’ was appreciated equally by the critics and the viewers. Apart from being featured in various film festivals all over the world, the movie was also sent to the Oscars to represent Nepal in the Foreign language category (read more in xnepali).

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As a person, Benisha says that she lives at present and believes that only future knows what it holds. In her free time, Benisha likes to read novels and watch movies. Her favorite Nepali actors are Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manandhar.

Benisha Hamal Profile

  • Actress – Benisha Hamal
  • Date of birth – June 25, 1990
  • Birth Place –  Chitwan
  • Height – 5 Ft. 5 inches

Benisha Hamal Filmography

  • Swor (2010)
  • Jyan Hajir Chha
  • Ma Ani Timi
  • Mahasush (2013)
  • New Year (announced)
  • Luck
  • Mokshya (2014)
  • Kalo Pothi (2016)

Watch ‘Mahasush’ in xnepali

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Benisha with Keki Adhikari

Hot photos of Benisha Hamal

Benisha Hamal poses with a football.





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