Binita Baral graduates in the USA, will she return back to the film industry?

Last updated on June 20th, 2017 at 01:53 am

The ‘Chapali Height’ debut actress Binita Baral has graduated on June 17, 2017 in the USA. The actress had gone to the USA to do her Masters in Business Administration in agriculture related filed.

  • Binita had gone to the USA in August of 2015 (Report)
  • After a year of living in USA, she returned back to Nepal to release her debut novel ‘Juino’ (Report). At that time she met her new boyfriend.
  • Binita had attended Herzing University, Atlanta.
  • The graduation ceremony was held at Thomas Murphy Ballroom, Building B, Gerogia World Congress Center, on June 17, 2017.

Congratulation to Binita Baral for being MBA graduate. I wish her all the best in finding a fulfilling job and a very happy life ahead. 

Will Binita Baral return back?

Binita hasn’t said anything about her returning back to Nepal after the completion of her studies. Although she had told she will return back after the completion of her studies, before she went to the USA – the time and the situation has changed in the last two years.

New situation:

  • Binita Baral is a flop actress – It might sound bitter but, the only hit movie of Binita was ‘Chapali Height’. Her second movie ‘Full Stop’ was super flop. After that she stopped acting. Her third movie ‘Super Hit’ was an experimental movie made by Binita’s friends. At that time, one of the directors was Binita’s boyfriend. After extensive delay, the movie was released last year. It also flopped. Based on these facts, there is no guarantee that Binita will get a good opportunity in the Nepali film industry. Specially, at the time when there are a lot of new talents and successful actresses in the film industry these days. In the mean time, she has also written a novel and registered herself as a writer.
  • Agriculture business – After the failure of her second movie, Binita formed a partnership with a few friends and started an organic farming business. The business was doing well until she left it and went to the USA. In that time, she also broke up with her boyfriend. After two years of leaving the country, there is very little chance of the continuation of the business.
  • Boyfriend in USA. Binita has found a new boyfriend in the USA. The boyfriend, a PhD student, is yet to complete his studies. I am pretty sure, there is less demand of Physics PhDs in Nepal when compared to the USA. I believe, Binita is less likely to leave the boyfriend to go back to Nepal.

After analyzing these situations, it doesn’t make sense for her to return back.

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