Sara Shripaili, Biography of Rudra and Pinjada Back Again actress

‘Rudra’ debut actress Sara is a CA by profession. Right after the completion of her studies, she got opportunity to act in her first movie. After the completion of the first movie and before it’s release she was signed in her second movie by the same team – ‘Pinjada Back Again’. The second movie is the sequel of the actor Nikhil Upreti’s first movie ‘Pinjada’.

Sara’s career in the entertainment started at age 17 when she became the runner up of Miss Teen 2008. In the start, she did some advertise assignments including – Mayos noodle and Style fashion. She went to UK for studies. While studying Charter Accountancy (CA) in London, UK she did four Nepali music videos. After the completion of her studies, Sara returned back to Nepal in the end of 2016.

Sara Shripaili Profile

Profile of Sara

  • Name – Sara Shripaili
  • Other names – Goldie
  • Birthday – N/A
  • Education – CA from London, UK (2016)
  • Achievements – 1st Runner Up, Miss Teen 2008
  • Debut Movie – Rudra

Debut experience

Right after returning back to Nepal, Sara came in contact with the producer and distributor Gopal Kayastha through her aunt. Kayastha helped Sara to met Nikhil and do an audition for the role. That was how she started acting in the film industry. While working in ‘Rudra’ the talent of Sara impressed the action director Himal KC. When it was time for the shooting of ‘Pinjada Back Again’, Himal KC proposed Sara in the actress’ role.

AFter working as an actress in ‘Rudra’ Sara Shripaili told, “Working as an actor for the very first, I was definitely excited and happy.” Sara adds, “However, the anxiety also leaded to nervousness, and sometimes silly mistakes as well. But, that didn’t last long since I had the best team working for me.”

About the team she worked with, in ‘Rudra’, Sara says, “It may sound cliche but, they were very supportive and I don’t think I could’ve asked for more.”

Sara’s favourite actors are Aryan Sigdel and Nikhil Upreti.

Hot Photos of Sara Shripaili

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