Binita Baral in Asar 15, actresses get dirty in paddy field

The festival of paddy planting and mud-holi, Ashad 15 (or Asar 15) is on Tuesday.  In the festival, farmers plant paddy plants and have fun in the mud. These days, Ashad 15 has become a photo-op for the celebrities, especially the actress and models.

binita baral - asar 15 pose2

Actress Binita Baral has been involved in agriculture for the last couple of years. She hasn’t appeared in any movies in that time. To celebrate the festival of farmers, Binita has done some Asare poses. In addition to being involved in agriculture, Binita has also written a novel titled ‘Juino’.

Here are some photos of the Nepali actress soaked in dirt in the paddy field.

 binita baral - asar 15 pose1

binita baral - asar 15 pose3

binita baral - asar 15 pose8

binita baral - asar 15 pose11

binita baral - asar 15 pose13

binita baral - asar 15 pose17

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