Do you want to date Binita Baral ? Like Superhit !

Nepali actress Binita Baral is taking Facebook a bit more seriously in the promotion of the third movie ‘Superhit’. She has been sharing shooting photos of the movie every day and also asking her friends to like the Facebook page of the movie.

superhit fb page

Binita had asked friends to share and like the page and has promised that she will talk and go in a date with the friends she choose.

The first batch of top 5 person who liked and shared the Facebook page include: Subash Parajuli, Single Love, Binod GC and Ma Timrai Hu. 

The film makers say that they have low budget in marketing and Facebook and social media being the cheapest medium to promote the movie, they are making full use of it to reach the audience.

binita baral super hit shooting chitwan

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