Dashain celebration of Nepali actresses

Here are the photos of Dashain Tika of Nepali actresses. The biggest celebration in Nepal, Dashain Festival was held in Nepal on Thursday, October 22. In the festival, red tika is received from elder people. This is the collection of photos of Nepali actresses celebrating Dahain with their family members.

Actress Karishma Manandhar offered tika to actress Rekha Thapa:

rekha and karishma manandhar

As Rekha is younger than Karishma, Karishma offered tika to Rekha.

Because of an event in their family, actress Jharana Thapa and actress Suvekshya Thapa didn’t have Tika this year. They however got together and have fun in Dashain. In the following photo Jharana Thapa is on the left and Suvekshya is in the right. 

jharana and suvekshya

Actress Benisha Hamal‘s Dashain Tika:

benisha hamal dashain  2015

Actress Keki Adhikari‘s Dashain tika:

keki adhikari dashain 2015 ..

Actress Barsha Raut with her dad in Dadhain 2015:

barsha raut with her father in dashain 2015

Another actress Barsha Raut (previous generation actress, Barsha is the one on the left) in Dashain:

barsha raut dashain

Shristi Shrestha‘s Dashain tika:

shristi Shrestha dashain 2015

Sushma Adhikari‘s dashain tika:

actress and model sushma adhikari dashain 2015

Actress Pooja Sharma‘s Dashain Tika.

Pooja Sharma Dashain 2015

Actress Rista Basnet‘s Dashain:

Rista Basnet Dashain 2015 celebration1

Actress Richa Sharma‘s Dashain Tika

richa sharma dadhain 20151

Actress Surabina Karki‘s Dashain Tika:

surabina Karki Dashain tika

Barsha Raut flying kite in Dashain:

Barsha raut dashain changa

Dashain photo of Karishma RL Rana. Karsishma is ‘Dreams’ actress.

karishma rajyalaxmi rana dashain 2015

More Dashain Tika photos are also available in xnepali. Click on the following image to see more photos.

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