Father’s Day special – Fathers of Nepali actresses

Father’s day in Nepal falls on Kushe Aunshi.
Fathers of 10 Nepali actresses:


The father and the mother of the actress of upcoming movie ‘Kri’, Aditi Budhathoki. Aditi is being featured opposite to Anmol KC.

kri actress aditi budhathoki with her father and mother

A video introduction to Kushe Aunshi festival (Father’s Day in Nepal)

Father of actress Karishma Manandhar

father of Karishma Manandhar

Father of Swastima Khadka (Hostel Return actress, and wife of director Nischal Basnet)

father of swastima khadka

Parents of Samragyee RL Shah:

Father of actress Namrata Sapkota

namrata-sapkota and father 2016
We are collecting the photos of the fathers of Nepali actresses on the occasion of Father’s Day. Here are the photos of the fathers of actresses including Binita Baral, Keki Adhikari, Priyanka Karki, Rekha Thapa, Saranga Shrestha and Sushmita Bomzom.

UPDATE – Photos of the fathers of Namrata Sapkora, Nandita KC, singer Sunita Dulal and Manisha Koirala are added.

UPDATE on September 13, 2015: photos of the father of Neeta Dhungana and that of the father of Nisha Adhikari, Namrata Shrestha, Priyanka Karki added at the end.

Binita Baral with her father (we wrote a post about the special celebration Binita did with her father in her organic farm business):

Keki Adhikari with her director father Badri Adhikari. More information about Keki’s father can be found in her fan site.

badri adhikari with keki adhikari

Priyanka Karki‘s father Bhupendra Karki with the little Priyanka (photo credit – Priyanka Karki).

priyanka karki and bhupendra karki

Rekha Thapa with her parents (photo credit – RekhaThapa.net)


Saranga Shrestha‘s message to her father in her Facebook post:

saranaga -shrestha father

Actress Sushmita Bomzom (Sushmita KC) with her parents :

sushmita bomzon - kc with parents


Actress Namrata Sapkota with her father:

namrata Sapkota with father

Manisha Koirala with her father Prakash Koirala

manisha koirala with her father prakash koirala

Father of actress Nandita KC

nandita kc father message

Another photos of Nandita’s father with Nandita:

nandita-kc with her father

Parents of singer Sunita Dulal:

sunita dulal parents

Parents of Janaki Panth:

janaki panth father and mother

Neeta takes selfie with her father:

neeta dhungana father

The father of Nisha Adhikari:
nisha adhikari father

Model and actress Tirsana Budhathoki with her parents on Father’s Day, 2015

model tirsana budhathoki with parents

The father of Nandita KC
nandita kc father

Priyanka Karki’s father’s day of 2015 (Photo of Priyanka in her childhood days is posted above)

priyanka karki fathers day 2015

Namrata Shrestha with her father on Father’s Day 2015:

namrata Shrestha with her father fathersday

Note – The portion of this post after (***) on the top, was originally posted on Sep 5, 2013 and was last updated on September 13, 2015. The portion before the sign and the video are updated on the Father’s Day of 2016.

Update on September 2, 2016 – Added father of actress Karishma Manandhar, Swastima Khadka, Namrata Sapkota, Nandita KC (update) and Samragyee RL Shah.

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