Happy Birthday Nandita KC

On September 21, actress Nandita KC celebrated her birthday with her family and children in an orphanage. It was a coincidence that the day after the country got the Constitution, Nandita celebrated her birthday. The celebration at her home was a surprise event.

nandita kc birthday celebration

After celebrating birthday with her family members in the night, Nandita visited Baby Life Home to celebrate it with the children taking refuge in there. The social workers Raj Kumar Pun Uma are also running  Saphalta HIV Shikshya Sadan, Kirtipur, for the education of the children. The home for HIV infected children was also damaged in the April Earthquake causing them to live in a temporary residence.

The children at the place had made a special hand drawn birthday card for the actress. The actress proudly shows the card in the following photo. The temporary residence at the background is made after the earthquake damaged the building.

Nepali actress team wishes Nandita a very happy birthday and wish her successful future in Nepali film industry.

Nandita KC’s this year

nandita KC birthday celebration1

nandita KC birthday celebration2

nandita KC birthday celebration3

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