Holi 2014 at Karishma’s home

Holi celebration at Karishma’s home was one of the most colorful event in Kathamndu. A lot of well known celebrities were present in the celebration ceremony.

karishma manandhar holi 1

One of the main attraction of the celebration was Rajesh Hamal. He wasn’t sure of going there until the last hour. Other actresses include: Gauri Malla (who has recently returned back from the USA, like Karishma.) Sanchita Luitel, Arunima Lamsal, Jharana Thapa, Melina Manandhar, Nandita KC, Saujanya Subba, Sumina Ghimire, Sushma Karki, Neeta Dhungana, Ashishma Nakarmi, Harshika Shrestha, Diya Maskey etc.

karishma manandhar with sunita dulal and Anjali shrestha

In male artists Rajesh Hamal, Krishna Malla, Ramesh Upreti, Shiva Shrestha, Dilip Rayamajhi, Nirmal Sharma, Mukesh Dhakal, Saugat Malla, Anup Baral, and Suraj Subba among others. 

The event started at 11 AM and ran throughout the day.

mukesh dhakal melina manandhar and dilip rayamajhi

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