Karishma responds to reports on Namrata Shrestha and National Awards

In response to reports citing Karishma Manandhar about Namrata Shrestha loosing the National Awards to Richa Sharma, Karishma has claimed that she hasn’t told such a thing. There were also reports of the Minister asking Namrata for sex-favor for awards in some media. Karishma has told that she hasn’t told anything like that and she has challenged the media to prove it.

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Karishma has also asked the concerned authority to investigate and punish the media for fabricating such reports.

The report about sexual advance of the minister was being written by blogs of shady-reputation and was ignored by many. But, when Karishma shared the link to one of the blogs, it became more popular.

karishma manandhar

The minister has also responded that the report is absurd.

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