Karishma Shrestha and Salon Basnet say they are only friends, again

Actress Karishma Shrestha and actor Salon Basnet are currently in Pokhara to promote their upcoming movie ‘Luv Sab’. As usual they are asked about their relationship and, as usual they told that they are ‘good friends’. They clarified that there is no love in between them.

karishma shrestha and salon basnet

That is nothing new. Karishma and Salon had always told the same story although the love between them surfaces at times in social networking site Facebook. As we shared the screen shot of the post of Karishma, made last year (on August 4, 2014) in which Karishma shared Salon’s photo with caption “I love him …”.

Karishma debuted in ‘Euta Sathi’ and is also being featured in upcoming movie ‘Jhilke’. Salon debuted in ‘Hostel’. Salon’s father Shovit Basnet is a well known director and film producer. Their production house name is titled Salon Films after Salon Basnet.

We hope Karishma and Salon are waiting for the right time to disclose their love to each other.  As of now, we don’t feel the necessity to make any changes in the Actresses’ Boyfriend page.

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