Arunima Lamsal to be a mother in Pipal

Last updated on March 29th, 2019 at 03:19 am

After the birth of her daughter, Actress Arunima Lamsal has recently signed up her second movie, ‘Pipal’. The first comeback movie, ‘Urvashi’ is yet to release.

arunima lamsal smile pink dress

In ‘Pipal’ Arunima will be doing a role of a Dalit woman and a mother. The flash-back of the movie will also also feature Arunima as a young girl.

‘Pipal’ is directed by Sachin Raj Amatya and produced by Niranjan Kasaju. Actor Kishor Khatiwada will be playing the role opposite to Arunima in the movie. The movie features the action of Yogendra Shrestha, camera of Babu Shrestha, music of Lochan Ghimire, Rekha Poudel and Shashi Khadka.

We hope the movie will open the door to Arunima to regain her before-childbirth position in Nepali movie industry.

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