Nandita KC flies to the USA

Nepali actress Nandita KC has left Nepal to participate in the cultural programs in the USA. She is scheduled to participate in Nepal Day – 2015, an event organized by NAFCA. Three celebrities participating in the program scheduled to be held on July 3 in St. Davis are Dhiraj Rai, Himal Sagar and Nanidta KC.

An audio report:

nepal day poster

As many of the Nepali artists have stayed there when they go to participate to cultural program, Nandita is also suspected of doing the same.

On June 29 Nandita uploaded a photo of her suitcase in Facebook stating she is ‘almost ready to fly…’ There is no other photos and the details about her destination. She hasn’t spoken to any media about the flight and the duration of her stay in the USA.

The question if Nandita will return back to Nepal is still unanswered!

nandita kc suitcase usa

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