Neeta Dhungana wins best actress award for a supporting role, Rekha Thapa didn’t show up

Last updated on September 14th, 2015 at 03:51 am

In most of the film awards leading actresses win ‘Best Actress Award’ and there is a separate categories for the supporting actresses – Best Actress in Supporting role. In the National Awards handed over by the President on Monday, there was no awards for the supporting actors and hence, Neeta Dhungana got an award – Best Actress Award for her supporting role in ‘Masan’.

The winners of best actress awards are:

  • Best Actress Award 2067 – Rekha Thapa for her role in ‘Bato Muni ko Phool’
  • Best Actress Award 2068 – Neeta Dhungana for her role in ‘Masan’
  • Best Actress Award 2069 – Jharana Thapa for her role in ‘Facebook’
  • Best Actress Award 2070 – Garima Pant for her role in ‘Jhola’

The lead actress, Keki Adhikari, was very sad on that case. She commented, “Until now, I didn’t know I was in a supporting role.” Other actresses like Priyanka Karki and Richa Sharma had also commented in similar manner.

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Although actress Rekha Thapa was awarded Best Actress Award for 2067, she didn’t attend the ceremony. She was the only award winner who wasn’t present in the ceremony. According to a report, Rekha didn’t like Garima Pant winning the award of the year 2070. The only award Rekha Films movies won was the Best Art Director for ‘Kasle Choryo Mero Man’.

It is rumored, Rekha Thapa and jury members known to be Rekha’s friends – Prakash Subedi and Shanti Priya didn’t attend the award ceremony to show their protest.

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