Nepali Actress Arunima Lama 'irreplaceable' – Rajesh Hamal

The lead actor of upcoming movie ‘Kina Kina’, Rajesh Hamal, has told that his co-star Nepali actress Arunima Lama was ‘irreplaceable’ and she has done justice to her role.


arunima lama - kina kina

The superstar of Nepali movie industry Hamal usually don’t see his movie after completion but, he has reviewed the final print of ‘Kina Kina’ and has told that the debut actress is fit to the role she is being featured. Arunima has also offered nude scene while the artist Rajesh Hamal paints her body in the movie. They also have a bed scene in the movie. 

Before being featured in the movie, Arunima was unknown to the entertainment industry. At the time of the production of the movie director Ukesh Dahal had advertised for a girl willing to pose as a nude model in the movie.

kina kina poster kisses


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