Raju Giri introducing three new actresses, in hot scenes of Pandy the Killer

The ‘bed scene’ director Raju Giri is presenting three new actresses in his upcoming movie ‘Pandey the Killer’. The movie going to the floor on Feb 9 will feature actresses Sapana Lamichane, Samichhya Aryal and Pooja Rana.

pandey the killer

Raju Giri has also informed that Sapana and Pooja have agreed to offer hot scenes in the movie. (We talked about Raju Giri in the previous post about Poojana Stri‘s bed scenes in ‘Rakshya’)

Other actors in the movie are Ashok Phuyal, Sushanta Karki, Prasant Giri, Eliza Rijal and others. The movie is produced by Sagar Ghising and will feature music of Arjun Pokharel, action of Roshan Shrestha and is produced under the banner of Suruchi Films.

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