New item girl in Nepali film industry, Alisha Rai

A new item girl has entered the Nepali film industry in an upcoming movie ‘Loot 2’. The sequel of the superhit movie ‘Loot’ also features an item song similar to the one in the first movie. The item song in ‘Loot’ – Udhreko Choli was very popular. The item song in ‘Loot 2’ is titled “Laijau Thamel Bazar …”. The item girl in the item song, Alisha Rai has done a good job as a dancer. I think, there is a huge scope of the item song to be popular because of the followng reasons:

  • Alisha Rai has a better body structure when compared to Sushma Karki.
  • Alisha Rai is also a better dancer when compared to Sushma in ‘Udhreko Choli …”
  • The song is composed by one of the hit musicians in the Nepali movie industry. Kaliprasad Baskota is credited for the popular songs like “Nira Jaile Risaune …” and ‘Resham Filili’ song “Piratiko Chhata …”

But, we need to wait a while before making on the decision about the popularity of the song.


Who is Alisha Rai?

A resident of Kapan, Kathmandu, Alisha Rai is working to establish herself in fashion and modelling. In addition to acting in a the leading role in a Rai-language movie ‘Binayo’, Alisha has also modelled in some music videos. Alisha was also the title winner of United Talent Hunt 2015. Alisha has completed her ten-plus-two.

Watch the video to decide yourself:

“Udhreko Choli …” established Sushma Karki

The item song in ‘Loot’ “Udhreko Choli …” became very popular at the time. It not only helped in the popularity of the movie, it also popularized the item girl in the movie, Sushma Karki. After the popularity of the song, Sushma got oppurtunities to go to various foreign countries and different stage shows within country. She also got opportunity to be featured in leading roles in a few movies. Sushma was featured in leading role in Raju Giri movies ‘Bindaas’ and ‘Bindaas 2’. But, Sushma couldn’t keep it up with the opportunity and these days, she isn’t as popular as she used to be.

One of the problems I saw in the video was the tattoo on the back of Alisha Rai. In some scenes, the tattoo disappears.


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