Nisha Adhikari appreciates Priyanka Karki's choreography skills

It is rare that an actress in Nepali film industry appreciate another actress. Pulling each other’s legs is one of the favorite game in the industry. So, Nisha’s positive comment on actress Priyanka Karki‘s potential in Nepali film industry can be considered a rare incident.

nisha adhikari and priyanka karki - mission paisa reloaded

As we have already reported about Priyanka Karki choreographing in her upcoming movie ‘Mission Paisa Reloaded’. After she choreographed the song featuring Nisha Adhikari, Nisha told Priyanka is a "great choreographer in making". She also added, they have been friends for the last seven years.

About the strength of Priyanka, Nisha says, "With her eyes for details and hard work she is not just a rising star but is a potential changing agent of our industry."

Priyanka admits that it was the first time she was choreographing people other than herself.

priyanka karki facebook post choreographing mission paisa reloaded

Photo credits – Nisha Adhikari

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