November Rain actress Chhulthim Gurung and Dhiraj Rai divorced

The popular singer Dhiraj Rai has admitted that he and his wife – model / actress Chhulthim Gurung have separated. According Himalkhabar, Dhiraj Rai admitted that the couple have realized that they aren’t made for each other.

chhulthim gurung - dhiraj rai divorced

Chhulthim had been a fan of Dhiraj Rai. They met and ultimately got married. Now, Dhiraj has admitted – "It’s true we are separated. Our relationship hadn’t been good for the last three years." Apart from being a popular singer, Dhiraj is also an architect.

Chhulthim is debuting as an actress in her upcoming movie ‘November Rain’. The movie is a debut movie of actor Aryan Sigdel as a producer. The movie also features actress Namrata Shrestha in leading role.

namrata shrestha and chulthim gurung

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