Paramita RL Rana – Pam’s affairs – ex and current boyfriends; Mahir to Hisi

A model, actress and singer Paramita RL Rana is considered one of the boldest model in Nepal. She is known to change her relationship status more than once. She was in relationship with a number of boys. Out of them, I know three of them, so far.

  • Mahir Malla
  • Ayushman Desraj Joshi
  • Hisi Losang

On her 25th birthday Paramita was gifted with a ring by her latest boyfriend. People have thought it to be an engagement, an unofficial one, Paramita however says that it was just a gift. Anyways, watch the following video to see what had happened:

A long time ago, Paramita was in a relationship with Mahir Malla. The relationship lasted until Paramita met Ayushman DS Joshi.

The gift ring of Hisi Losang on October 2, 2018:

Video report about their relationship:

The previous relationship: Ayushman and Paramita: and the reason of break up:

Although Priyanka Karki is accused of stealing Ayushman from Paramita, it was the weakness of the bond between them that allowed Priyanka to come in-between them. So, I don’t believe it is Priyanka who broke them. Now, it seems, Priyanka and Ayushman are quite compatible with each other. There is a higher possibility that the relationship will last longer as they are already engaged and are planning their marriage next year.

Here are some photos of Paramita and Mahir Malla when they were in relationship:

Will Pramita marry Hisi Losang? Only time will tell. Hisi seems to be a rich guy and he might be more interested in the popularity than a long term relationship. Paramita might also have choose Hisi as a relief in the break-up pain. This just a “may-be”. Only time will tell what will happen to the relationships. Whatever might happen – it is their lives and all we can say is that – “they look so nice” as long as they are together.

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