Poojana’s debut film as producer, Chocolate, in trouble ?

Actress Poojana Pradhan had announced her debut movie as a producer, ‘Chocolate’ a long time back. She had also registered Poojana Films and signed in Nirmal Sharma (Gaida) to direct it. But, the movie is yet to go on floor. According to rumors, the investor who had promised to invest in the movie has betrayed in the last minute.

poojana pradhanbare back in Rakshya

Actress Poojana Stri and actress Rekha Thapa debuted in Nepali film industry in ‘Hero’. Rekha managed to become the number one actress and Poojana is still struggling to create an image. She has done a lot of controversial acts in the past to establish herself but, all of them proved to be short-term scandal and they couldn’t establish her.

Poojana’s last scandal about nudity and hot bed scenes in ‘Rakshya’ didn’t help her in anyway. She was highly criticized for the role and the movie wasn’t successful either.

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