Priyanka Karki Dashain, when coconut didn’t break in Nawami vehicle puja

Like every Nepali people, the actress Priyanka Karki also celebrated the Nawami of Dashain on October 10, 2016. On Nawami people worship the vehicles and do puja in garages. Priyanka bought a new car, Hyundai Tucson, last year.

Like everybody, Priyanka did the puja. But, when she tried to break a coconut at the floor of her garage, it didn’t break at the first time. She shared the photo of her breaking the coconut and wished everybody a happy Dashain. Priyanka says that it makes sense to worship the vehicle that carries you all around the year. The ninth day of the 10 days long festival ends on the 10th day with Dashain Tika. The Tika day is extended to 5 more days so that the people can travel and meet every relatives.

priyanka karki breaking coconut nawami dashain 2016


In this Facebook status, Priyanka explains what had happened.

priyanka karki nawami puja dashain 2016

Priyanka bought the car last year. Before buying the car, Priyanka used to travel in the scooter seen in the background. She still uses both the vehicles.

priyanka karki dashain 2016

priyanka karki vehicles dashain 2016

I wish you all a very happy Dashain.

Photo credit Priyanka Karki.

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