Priyanka Karki heart touching letter and The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey story

In a letter written in a Facebook post, actress Priyanka Karki has asked not to call her bad name. Video report:

Although Priyanka has been the most socially active and social aware actress, the letter seems a little childish in her part. She knows, it is normal to have enemies online. The mood of people is unpredictable when they are not physical present. Some use social media when drunk and others use at different state of moods. So, expecting everybody to behave appropriately is not something people do these days.

I think, Priyanka should grow up and behave like the popular actress she is in real.

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I suggest Priyanka to read Aesop’s story about a father, son and a donkey. The story goes like:

The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey

Once upon a time, a man and his son were going to the market with their donkey. On the way, a countryman passed them and said: “You fools, what is a donkey for if you don’t ride it?”

The man thought the countryman was right. He asked his song to ride the donkey. They passed two men. One of them told his friend, “See that lazy young boy. How can such a young and strong boy let his old father walk while he rides.”

The man asks his son to get off and he rides the donkey himself. After a while she passed two women, one of them said to the other, “How shameful of the lazy father to ride while his poor little son walks.”

The man was worried what to do next. Then he got an idea, and  took his son along with himself on the donkey. As they reached the marked, some men threw angry look at them. One of them said, “How shameful are you guys. You guys are overloading that poor donkey.”

The man and his son were tired of the comments others made of them. They thought about what to do until they decided to cut down a pole and tied the donkey’s feet and carry it.  That was not the end of the story. Everybody laughed at how stupid those two people were.

The moral “Worry about what other say and you will forget what you are supposed to do.”

Before I close the topic. Let me share the Priyanka’s letter I was talking about.

priyanka karki statement in facebook


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