Multiple marriages of Nepali actress (2016 update – Simpal Khanal and Garima Pant)

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Let me be clear first – I don’t think it is bad idea to marry multiple times! Relationships should be easy and be mutually beneficial.

This post was started a year ago (on Mar 3, 2015), I am updating it after actress/model Simpal Khanal got married in February and actress Garima Pant married in January.

The traditional Nepali society of single marriage is changing for the better. Now, the marriage has become a more liberal union of a male and a female. It is good development. Questions are however raised when some woman ruthlessly steals the husband of an unsuspecting wife or vice  versa.

Video of 5 actresses who have married twice:

This post has details of few more actresses in addition to the five actresses mentioned in the video above.

The actresses listed below are either of:

  • Previously married and married for the second time (those mentioned in the video).
  • Married for the first time but to an already married male. (stealing other’s husband or marrying a widow/divorcee)

nepali actresses

This is a post also about the actresses who prefer to be more independent and rebellious when being married is concerned.

The actresses I talk about in this article include:

  • Simpal Khanal (previously married to Prasanna Poudel and married second time to Nadeem. Second marriage for both Nadeem and Simpal)
  • Garima Pant – Garima married the guy who was previously married.
  • Rekha Thapa (Rekha became the third wife of producer Chhabi Raj Ojha.)
  • Sushmita KC (Bomjom) (Sushmita became the second wife of actor Bhuwan KC)
  • Sanchita Luitel (Sanchita was previously married to Aakash Shah. She was also the second wife of actor Nikhil Upreti. Nikhil hasn’t divorced his first wife so, he is still married to both Sanchita and Kopila Upreti)
  • Saujanya Subba (Saujanya Subba married Bhupen Chand . It was the second marriages for both of them)
  • Pooja Chand (Pooja R Lama) (Pooja was previously married to Suraj Chand. It was the second marriage for Pooja’s second husband Raju Lama)
  • Saranga Shrestha (Saranga’s first marriage didn’t go well and she married Ramesh Karki – her second and his first marriage)

Simpal Khanal marriage

Actress and model Simpal Khanal married for the second time this year, to a UK resident businessman, Nadeem. Simpal was previously married to music video director Prasanna Poudel and was divorced. Simapal’s new husband, Nadeem is also a previously married man with a toddler son from his other wife. It is not known if he has divorced the previous wife or not.

simpal khanal and nadeem marriage

According to the information received, Nadeem’s wife Yasmin Sarwar is one of the influential woman in UK. She runs Cardiff Sixth Form College as the head, a school with a very good A level results (details about Yasmin here).

The following photo of Nadeem’s marriage with Simpal Khanal and a photo of Nadeem Sarwer with his wife Yasmin Sarwer is shared for comparison.

nadeem sarwar yasmin sarwer and simpal khanal

Garima Pant marriage

Actress Garima Pant marriage also came as a surprise. Although I had talked about the affair with Hari Sharma Thapaliya in Nepaliactress, the marriage and partnership in business was unexpected.

The following photo shows Hari Sharma Thapaliya’s ex-wife (left) and current wife Garima Pant (right)

Rekha Thapa marriage

As a new actress, Rekha Thapa, debuted in Chhabi Raj Ojha’s film ‘Hero’ and ended up marrying Chhabi. It was Chhabi’s third marriage. Now Rekha and Chhabi have divorced. Chhabi is reportedly having an affair with his new introduction in the industry, Shilpa Pokharel. If Chhabi marries Shilpa, she would be his fourth wife. Chhabi divorced two of his wives and the other (Gitanjali) committed suicide.

Rekha Thapa was also having an affair with previously married Sudarshan Gautam (at the time of this writing in 2015). Rekha had introduced the amputee Sudarshan in her film ‘Himmatwali’ as an actor. Sudarshan divorced his wife, Ambika Hamal, and the affair with Rekha also ended as soon as the movie ‘Himmatwali’ was released.

[Read the biography of Rekha Thapa]

rekha thapa with the new lead actor of Himmatwali

Sushmita KC Marriage

Sushmita Bomjom married the so-called playboy of Nepali film industry, Bhuwan KC as his second wife. Bhuwan’s previous wife, a journalist of Nepal Television, Bijaya KC had left Bhuwan and relocated to the USA. Now, Sushmita KC and Bhuwan have also divorced and they both are single.

Bhuwan is having an affair with another actress Jiya KC and are reportedly living together in Bhuwan’s home.

Sushmita in the other hand is reportedly having an affair with an Indian businessman. There are reports that they are planning to get married soon.

The son of Bhuwan and Sushmita, Anmol KC, is the new sensation in the Nepali film industry. All threen movies featuring Anmol KC in leading role were successful. Anmol’s next movie ‘Gajalu’ is also ready to release. Sushmita has also registered a film production company under Anmol’s name and has produced ‘Ma Timrai Hoon’, scheduled to release on July 22, 2016.

sushmita kc bomjom

Sanchita Luitel

Actress Sanchita Luitel fell in love and got married to actor Aakash Shah. The relationship didn’t last more than a year and a half before she divorced him. While working together in films she fell for actor Nikhil Upreti. Nikhil was a married man who had married Kopila Upreti after an extensive affair and they had a little son.

Nikhil and Sanchita secretly got married and went to Mumbai to struggle in Bollywood film industry. Sanchita returned back to Nepal to give birth to a daughter and a son while Nikhil struggled in Mumbai. After four years of the absence from the film industry, he is back as a director and actor of ‘Bhairav’.  Nikhil hasn’t divorced Kopila but is living with Sanchita and two of their children. Both Nikhil and Sanchita are making comeback in the film industry soon.

[Read the biography of Sanchita Luitel.]

nikhil upreti and sanchita luitel

Saujanya Subba Marriage

Another actress who has married a previously married man is Saujanya Subba. A previously married and divorced actress Saujanya was having an affair with producer and actor Rose Rana. When things didn’t go well with the two, Rose threatened to release a sex video of Saujanaya. That was when her lover Bhupen Chand came to rescue her and took Rose to the police station.

There are rumors that Saujanay and Bhupen have married and are going to live in the USA. Bhupen is yet to divorce his previous wife.

saujanya subba and bhupen chand

Pooja Chand Marriage

The actress popularly known as Pooja Chand is called Pooja R Lama. Pooja Pariyar married Suraj Chand and renamed herself to Pooja Chand. She used the last name even after she divorced Suraj and started living in the USA with her daughter. Pooja lived together with the singer and guitarist of The Angels musical band, Raju Lama, since 2011 before she finally got married in 2014.

pooja chand and raju lama marry

Saranga Shrestha Marriage

Actress Saranga Shrestha left the Nepali film industry to live with her husband in the USA. When the marriage went sour, Saranga divorced and lived alone for a while. She later found Ramesh Karki to get married. Saranga and Ramesh married in 2013 and Saranga gave birth to a daughter.

saranga shrestha family

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Originally started on March 3, 2015
Updated – on April 19, 2016 – Simpal Khanal and Garima Pant marriage update, updates on Rekha Thapa and Sushmita KC’s details.

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