Ranjana Sharma shows off her skin after snowstorm in the USA

We talked about Nepali actresses showing off their skin in the cold of Kathmandu. It seems, the actresses tend to take the trend wherever they go. During the snowstorm in the USA last weekend, actress Ranjana Sharma was seen in a very short shorts (or a mini-skirt) playing in the snow. Ranjana shared the photos in her Facebook profile.

The video report:

Actress Ranjana had gone to the USA for a program and didn’t return back. She is trying to get Green Card to live there permanently.

Previously married to director Shyam Bhattarai, Ranjana had stopped communicating with Shyam after she left the country. These days, her ex-husband Shyam is also in the USA. There is no report of the resumption of their relationship.

ranjana sharma in snow in usa

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