Shilpa Pokhrel says she is willing to offer Titanic scenes

In an interview the ‘Lazza’ debut actress Shilpa Pokhrel has told that she is willing to offer the Hollywood film ‘Titanic’ style scene in Nepali movie. At the same time, Shilpa was skeptical of the Nepali society willing to accept such a scene. She added, she can offer artistic nudity if the film director and cinematographer can make it an art.

shilpa pokhrel

The actress Shilpa was talking to an online magazine about Nepali movies and the limits she can go in terms of acting in movies. Shilpa added, she is pro-glamour actress who can go to any length as long as it is not vulgar.

The affair between Shilpa and Rekha Thapa‘s ex-husband and producer of ‘Lazza’, Chhabi Ojha is also a hot topic of film industry. Some say that it is a publicity stunt at the time of the release of the movie ‘Lazza’. If that is the case, the ‘publicity stunt’ is supposed to go on as there is another movie ‘Hawaldar Suntali’ – in post-production. Chhabi and Shilpa are reportedly preparing for another movie – ‘Lanka 2’ in near future. It seems, the ‘stunt’ is going a long way !

It is to be noted, at the time when previous Chhabi’s movie ‘Loafer’ actress Rajani KC didn’t go through any stunts during the release of the movie.  

All the best Chhabi and Shilpa !

shilpa pokharel and rajani kc

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