Shweta Khadka becomes mother to a cute daughter

Actress Shweta Khadka has become a mother to a daughter on November 1, 2022. The birth was done by a CS surgery in a hospital in Kathmandu. In a statement by Shweta sharing a photo of the little baby she has written :

“After a very long interval another chapter of happiness has entered in my life. With a new color of happiness, a candle of hope has also appeared. In my married life the arrival of a beautiful and cute daughter has started a new chapter. Today, I am blessed with the privilege of being called a ‘mother’. This is the biggest award in my life, the most precious gain and most valuable asset. ”

With that statement, Shweta has thanked everybody who had wished best in her delivery time. She has also thanked all those who helped in her worst time and thanked the companionship of her husband Bijayendra Singh Rawat.

Sharing the daughter’s photo, Shweta writes, “Hartley welcome to the angel smiling in my lap to the earth under the open sky.”

Shweta Khdka and Bijyandra Singh Rawat were married last year after a couple of year’s affair.

Shweta Khadka had married Shree Krishna Shrestha in 2014
She lost Shree Krishna within a month of marriage

Shweta mourned the death for a long time. She was treated in various places. After four years, she made a comeback as a film producer and produced ‘Kanchhi’ and released in 2018. After the success of the movie she has been away from the film industry.

In December of 2020 she got married to Bijendra Singh Raut of Dhangadi. That was after two years long affair. She gave birth to the daughter almost two years after their marriage. During her pregnancy she had kept it a secret until rumor broke.

Although Shweta has been away from the film industry for a while, she has told that she will return to acting after the daughter’s birth. Best wishes to Shweta and her newborn daughter.

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