Who is the boyfriend of Barsha Raut?

Do you know who is the boyfriend of the actress debuting in the movie released today, ‘Nai Nabhannu La 4’, Barsha Raut?

Barsha’s boyfriend is Sanjog Koirala. Here is a photo of Barsha with Sanjog Koirala:

barsha raut and sanjog koirala1

In an interview with ‘Saptahik’ weekly, Barsha told that Sanjog Koirala was her friend even before entering the entertainment field. She credited Sanjog for all the success she has got so far.

Talking about the future, Barsha told that she is not sure about the future. She considers him a friend rather than a boyfriend.

When asked who are the most sexiest celebrities in Nepali film industry, Barsha named Anoop Bikram Shahi, Suraj Singh Thakuri and the interviewer Subrat Acharya.

A well known model in music video has debuted as an actress in ‘Nai Nabhannu La 4’. She is also featured in leading role in ‘Chhaka Panja’ – a Deepa Shree Niraula directorial venture.

Her closest male friends are Sanjog Koirala, Nirajan Pradhan and Binod Neupane. Female friends are Namrata Sapkota, Ashma DC and Nishma Ghimire.

Who is Barsha Raut?

Read Barsha Raut biography here. Video biography of Barsha:

barsha raut and sanjog koirala2

barsha raut and sanjog koirala3

Barsha Raut with boyfriend Sanjog koirala

barsha raut selfie

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