Actress Binita Baral's organic farm product ready for harvesting

The business Actress Binita Baral had started to bear fruits — or rather chilies. Binita shared a photo tending organic chilies she had grown in her newly established farm. The photos of the actress working in the farm and operating farm equipment were appreciated by a lot of her fans.

binita baral with organic chilli

Binita and her friends have registered Binidi Organic Farm to produce organic vegetables and fruits in the farm located in Manmaiju, Kathmandu. The vegetables grown in the farm are almost ready for harvesting.

Binita raised to fame when her debut movie ‘Chapali Height’ became a huge success. Although her second movie wasn’t that successful, she is hopeful for her third and upcoming movie ‘Superhit’. In the mean time she is fully dedicated to farming. She is learning farming and dedicating her full self in making it a successful business.

In addition to selling the products, Binita is planning an ‘open visit’ to the farm so that people can observe the agricultural products. The following photos is taken in Rampur Agriculture College when she went there to learn about farming and plants.

binita baral in rampur agriculture college

Binita’s business venture in organic farming has been appreciated by

Photo credits – Binita Baral

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